First Screencast – Xcode Plugins

After a lot of waiting around for rendering and uploading to complete, my very first screencast is now available on YouTube! It’s a whistle-stop tour of some of my favourite Xcode plugins, along with Alcatraz – the brilliant package manager for Xcode.

Here’s the list of plugins covered in the video:-


I’d love to get some feedback so please give it a watch and get in touch with me via Twitter @nxsteveo.

From O2 to Sky Broadband

Can’t connect to the internet after the automatic switch from O2 to Sky Broadband and using a third-party router? It turns out that it’s relatively straightforward to fix and only took ~10 minutes on the phone. That said I thought I’d write about it for historical reasons and to hopefully save others a few £ listening to on-hold music. (more…)


Today I started working on my first real open source project; NxKit.

My intention is to create an ever expanding yet lightweight Objective-C framework that contains classes and categories to reduce the amount of code we developers need to write in our main projects. I will be using continuous integration with OSX server to ensure the framework contains a high percentage of tested code.

Great! But aren’t there already lots of established alternatives?  Yes, and this framework will do it’s best not to tread on anyone’s toes by not re-inventing the wheel and sticking to smaller, drop-in enhancements to the existing Foundation / Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Like What? Anything that is deemed appropriately generic, useful, and self-contained could end up making it’s way into this framework.

I am planning to make it compatible with CocoaPods and have each component available in its own pod. The hope is that as the project grows it will become more useful to a wider audience while still remaining highly modular.

Let’s see where it ends up…

Catch Up

OK so I haven’t posted here in a while. What can I say? I’ve been busy getting married and turning a house into a home :p

I’m still working on apps, got some interesting stuff in the pipeline. Oh and I almost forgot, I’m flying to San Francisco today to attend AltWWDC.

Just in case you’re wondering where all of my tweets went (cos there’s a lot :p), I’ve changed my handle to @nxsteveo.

I’ll hopefully be able to update this more often with more interesting stuff in the coming months, but who knows where the wind will take me.

See you all on the other side…